Customer loyalty programs comes in variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of rewards and perks for your consumers.

Let’s take a look at some different sorts of loyalty programs for small businesses. If you’re looking for ideas for your own loyalty program, We have compiled outstanding loyalty program examples below.

Customer Loyalty Points and Rewards Program

One of the most commonly used types of customer loyalty programs. When customers spend money with your business, they earn points that they can use to gain reward or a discount with their next transaction or other special offers.

A great example of this is The Starbucks Loyalty program. Every time a customer buys one of their products, they get reward points. These points can subsequently be redeemed for other items.

Customer loyalty is built by point programs like these, which encourage customers to make repeat purchases on a regular basis. When it comes to offering rewards in exchange for points, encouraging customers to make repeat purchases so that they may gain more points makes sense knowing that points have value.

Mission-Driven Customer Loyalty Program

Not every loyalty program focuses on offering discounts or rewards to its members. Customers that participate in a mission-driven customer loyalty program believe that their purchase or use of your product helps to “make a difference” and benefit the society we live in.

A great example of this is Trinity Oaks – One Bottle One Tree who launched this program since 2008 to plant a tree for every bottle sold:

This is a clever approach for Trinity Oaks to set itself apart from the competition. It encourages people to patronize their product and gives a good impression by making customers feel like they’re helping others by purchasing it.

Membership Loyalty Programs

Membership loyalty programs increase customer loyalty by encouraging customers to buy from you repeatedly. A membership program typically offers customers a discount over one-time purchases or offers unique items, material, or services that aren not available to non-member.

Just like what Anya Resort did for their membership loyalty program, Anya Elite Club. Members have exclusive benefits such as bigger discounts and special offers to stick around with their membership loyalty program.

Refer-A-Friend Customer Loyalty Programs

Refer-a-friend loyalty programs do exactly what they sound like: they reward customers for suggesting friends, family, or coworkers by providing discounts or special incentives.

One company that uses a refer-a-friend loyalty program is Marriott, an international hotel company, once again demonstrating exactly what their reward will be for achieving a specified objective. In addition, Marriott offers a reward to clients who suggest others.

Get started with a customer loyalty program for your business

We know that having a loyalty program in place is a smart approach to keep customers coming back for more and turn one-time purchases into loyal customers. However, because you won’t have the same resources to invest as a large corporation, it’s critical to select a loyalty program that works for you. The good thing is you came to the right place, Bountiply is here to provide you with loyalty program that works for your business. Let’s talk about your business today. 

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